What support is available for businesses during Covid-19?

5th February 2021

Covid-19 has been difficult for us all, for various reasons. Running a business is stressful in normal circumstances, but the uncertainty brought by Covid-19 has heightened stress for prolonged periods. Whether you’re a sole trader, run a small business or a larger enterprise – this pandemic has tested our resilience. However, help is available. The Government is providing support to businesses through a number of grant schemes, below we set out links to the various local authorities all of whom outline the schemes currently available, eligibility and the application process.



East Devon




There are a few things that your business should consider:

  • Prioritise cash generation (what can be done to generate cash when you need it?)
  • Making savings wherever possible
  • Look at what long term measures can be taken to future proof your business

For further advice or guidance head to our Coronavirus Hub which hosts additional updates and links to useful information.

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