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7th September 2017

Our lead stories for this edition are:

  • The new tax-free childcare scheme started in April. It should benefit eligible parents and help balance the difficult work-childcare commitments so many face.
  • Continuing controversy around the gig economy and flexible contracts has led the government to commission a review of modern employment practices which may redefine some categories of workers.
  • All unlisted UK companies must keep a register of people with significant control (PSCs) in their companies and now some listed and unregistered companies have been added to the PSC regime.
  • When tax reliefs are withdrawn or taper away, you may find yourself with a surprisingly high and painful marginal tax rate, so it’s worth understanding your situation.
  • From 30 September, the new Criminal Finances Act 2017 comes into force which means some businesses providing advice to clients could be found guilty of facilitating tax evasion by others.

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