ServiceMaster Clean Devon

Devon franchise acquisition exceeds projections and looks to continue growth.

ServiceMaster Clean Devon provides professional cleaning services to the commercial sector. The business has some well known and highly respected local and national clients, which include solicitors, sports clubs and recently Inchcape VW. By providing exceptional customer service and high-quality cleaning services, the business has seen strong growth in Devon and Cornwall, where in 2016 it took on the area franchise.

After developing a relationship with partner Ruskin Wilson, Thompson Jenner has been actively involved at a very early stage with the franchise owner Greg Evans, Managing Director of Dial South West Limited, which operates the ServiceMaster Clean franchise, providing professional cleaning services to the commercial sector. Thompson Jenner has provided specialist accounting, business and tax advice from the start of Greg’s ownership.

With over a year of expansion and growth, Thompson Jenner continues to work closely with ServiceMaster Clean Devon, delivering a range of accounting and business services which have supported the business to where turnover and profit targets have been met and exceeded.

The idea that Thompson Jenner has a partnership with ServiceMaster Clean Devon rather than a typical client relationship is borne out by the fact the relationship is reciprocal, with cleaning services at Thompson Jenner’s offices provided by Greg’s company.

Thompson Jenner has and continues to support ServiceMaster Clean Devon in a number of key business areas including:

  • Advice and guidance on business acquisition
  • Financial modelling services
  • Due diligence evaluation
  • Implementing internal financial controls and reporting
  • Outsourcing payroll and bookkeeping
  • Management accounting
  • Business and personal tax planning
  • Attendance at board meetings
  • Strategic and business advice
  • Business IT solutions

What the client said:

We see our relationship with Thompson Jenner as more of a partnership. Ruskin Wilson attends our board meetings and gives me the discipline to provide structured reports and make financial plans which I would not be able to do as effectively without him there as a sounding board. Our board structure is quite lean, and we do not have a Finance Director, so Ruskin performs that role. I’m delighted with the service and help I’ve received from the firm.

Greg Evans, Managing Director, ServiceMaster Clean Devon

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