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20th February 2017

Our lead stories for this edition are:

  • Tax allowances: use them or lose them  Tax year end is looming. You can be late with a return or tax payment, although there will be a penalty. However, sometimes just being a day late can cost you in terms of exemptions and reliefs.
  • The last Autumn Statement  What were the main takeaways from the new Chancellor’s first – and last – Autumn Statement?
  • A round-up of payroll  If you aren’t HM Revenue & Customs’ payrolling benefits in kind service for 2016/17, you need to register online before 5 April 2017 if you want to use it for 2017/18.
  • Limits on pension contributions  Higher earners are now subject to tight limits on how much they can pay into tax-relieved pension schemes. It’s essential to take care to avoid a substantial extra tax charge.

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