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Our people are what sets us apart. Working together to help exceed our clients' ambitions.

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Alastair Baxter

Alastair Baxter Corporate Services Manager

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Amanda Collick

Amanda Collick Charity Lead & Corporate Services

Ana Kelly

Ana Kelly Bookkeeping & Outsourcing Services

Andrea Sear

Andrea Sear Administration

Archie Palmer

Archie Palmer Bookkeeping & Outsourcing Services

Ashley Brimble

Ashley Brimble Bookkeeping & Outsourcing Services

Becky Phillips

Becky Phillips Corporate Services Manager

Becky Tucker

Becky Tucker Secretary

Carla Westley

Carla Westley Corporate Services Manager

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Charlie Percival

Charlie Percival Personal Tax

Claire Churchill

Claire Churchill Secretary

Danielle Porter

Danielle Porter Personal Tax Senior

Dave Tucker

Dave Tucker Partner

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David Moll

David Moll VAT Consultant

David Simms

David Simms Corporate Services Manager

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Dawn Hardy

Dawn Hardy Administration

Duncan Ward

Duncan Ward Corporate Services

Emma Carnell

Emma Carnell Companies House Administration

Enya Lindsay

Enya Lindsay Audit Services

Geoff Fraser

Geoff Fraser Head of Taxation Services

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Gorkem Danaci

Gorkem Danaci Audit Services

Jagraj Singh

Jagraj Singh Audit Services

James Goulbourn

James Goulbourn Corporate Services Manager

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James May

James May Corporate Services Manager

Jason Simons

Jason Simons Corporate Services

John Trudgian

John Trudgian Audit Services

Jon Westley

Jon Westley Partner

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Jon Woodger

Jon Woodger Audit Services

Karen Dixon

Karen Dixon Secretary

Katherine Amey

Katherine Amey Corporate Services

Katie Quick

Katie Quick Bookkeeping & Outsourcing Services

Katy Hamilton-Brown

Katy Hamilton-Brown Corporate Services Manager

Kayleigh O’Neill

Kayleigh O’Neill Bookkeeping & Outsourcing Services

Kim Brigden

Kim Brigden Corporate Services Manager

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Kim Kreutle

Kim Kreutle Corporate Services

Kirsten Ziemer

Kirsten Ziemer Payroll Services

Lauren Perkins

Lauren Perkins Payroll Services

Linda Healey

Linda Healey Bookkeeping & Outsourcing Services

Lucie Pennington

Lucie Pennington Head of Bookkeeping & Outsourcing Services

Marcus Worthington

Marcus Worthington Partner

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Martin Porter

Martin Porter Corporate Services

Matthew Flower

Matthew Flower Corporate Services

Matthew Waldron

Matthew Waldron Corporate Services

Mike Walkden

Mike Walkden Corporate Services Manager

Nicola Squire

Nicola Squire Personal Tax Manager

Paul Carnell

Paul Carnell Partner

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Paul Lewis

Paul Lewis Partner

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Rachel Skinner

Rachel Skinner Bookkeeping & Outsourcing Services

Rebecca King

Rebecca King Head of Bookkeeping & Outsourcing Services

Rita Tocknell

Rita Tocknell Payroll Services

Ruskin Wilson

Ruskin Wilson Managing Partner

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Ruth Scullion

Ruth Scullion Cloud Accounting Specialist

Sally Pursey

Sally Pursey Tax Senior

Sam Laskey

Sam Laskey Audit Manager

Samantha Cole

Samantha Cole Head of Payroll Services

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Sara Martin

Sara Martin Secretary

Sharon Griffiths

Sharon Griffiths Corporate Services

Simon Lewis

Simon Lewis Partner

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Steph Hills

Steph Hills Personal Tax Manager

Stephen McCaffery

Stephen McCaffery Corporate Services Manager

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