Are you financially protected?

9th September 2020

The events of recent months have made many of us stop, think and evaluate both what is important to us and our families, and how we are going to secure our future.

Protection of our finances are often the last thing any of us consider, however, there are ways in which you can ensure that your future plans aren’t damaged by unexpected events. If you became too ill to work, or even worse die unexpectedly, the appropriate financial protection could mean the difference between you and your family remaining financially secure and being unable to pay the mortgage and maintain the lifestyle you have worked hard to achieve.  It could also adversely affect your business if it happened to one of your key employees, business partner or fellow director

Everyone’s needs are different and vary in complexity. However, our team of financial advisers are experienced in their field and will work with you to help you understand what protection you require.

Types of protection

Why Thompson Jenner Financial Services?

For more than 18 years Thompson Jenner Financial Services has been offering independent financial advice to a broad range of clients across Devon and the South West.  We take both a short and long-term view of your personal finances, your existing situation, your plans for the future and that of generations to come.

We treat every client as an individual and prepare a personalised report based on a detailed analysis of you and your family’s current financial arrangements and needs. We will help you make plans to achieve your dreams and aspirations, alongside considering the requirements and commitments you have now and will have in the future.

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